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  1. Tour to Cologne, April 2020 www.soniaduboistoronto.com/contact
  2. soniadubois


  3. I know the escort Sofia Miles used to be a dancer.
  4. I'm able to travel to dusseldorf. please see my website www.soniaduboistoronto.com and fill out the booking form if interested.as this is an extended booking and not in my city, I require a deposit
  5. I am not often on this website. You can visit my website www.soniaduboistoronto.com next time you are berlin, and contact me from there if you are interested.
  6. unfortunately I just exploring this forum now. let me know next time you are in Berlin if you are interested via my website, I am not on here often.
  7. Yes, I can provide that if screening is completed.
  8. good for him! If only more clients were open publically about their love for escorts, ahahhahha
  9. It really does not matter if the client knows the escort before .... it does not matter for the escort. chemistry is unpredictable. in fact if I know another escort already as a friend, it's sometimes harder for me to have a duo with them.
  10. Sonia DuBois - Available Throughout Germany By Request

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