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  • Instruction, how to get permission for reading reviews?

    Writing two reviews grants 6 months access to the reviews section ( If you're not familiar with the German language, English is fine.) or get a Premium Membership.

    How to write a good escort review to get access to the reviews section.

    The perfect review is informative and contains not only one sentence. Try to describe your dating event in catching the atmosphere - or:
    It should be just a joy for our members to read the review. It wouldn't be fun for you to read other one sentence reviews like "it was really great"? Important:
    How to reach the model (URL or phone)? If the girls isn't reachable for our members or is out of business, it makes no sense to write a review. You will not get access.
    Short reviews containing one line without any information will not be accepted.

    Fake reviews or copied reviews from eleswhere will lead into deactivating your account.

    Example for a good review:

    When do you get access to our reviews section?

    If the reviews were read and checked by our staff you will receive your permission to read all other reviews

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