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  1. She has been told that she’s bold and can, at times be very amusing. She likes to be surrounded by people who make her think and she can certainly say that she loves to learn. She doesn't suffer fools or serious pretentiousness too well though she’s not averse to enjoying the finer things in life. She’s artistic and fun though that doesn't mean she doesn't have a serious and intellectual side to her, she has a passion for travelling and discovering new places and she’s as at home in a 1st class hotel as she is camping. Glamping of course. She loves being outdoors and being indoors too. Swimming in the sea or in a lake, reading, painting, laughing a lot, films particularly documentaries 'The Grizzly Man' is one of her favourites, music: Shostakovich to LCD sound system. The Moral Maze. Warm cosy fires and wine, pottering, cooking new dishes, being healthy and keeping fit and taking real pleasure in giving the most and making the most out of everything that surrounds her. Laughter is key to understanding or getting through anything and everything and essential for her.
  2. Our agency is committed to providing excellent service oriented towards customer satisfaction. We only employ girls with good reputation. Our operators will always give you a genuine feedback about the girls so don't be afraid to ask. After many years in the escort scene our understanding is that there is no girl that will always satisfy all the clients and there is also the element of chemistry between two people. We would like also our clients to understand that the girls are humans and they have good and bad days, like every one of us. We would like to ask them to be polite with the girls and reasonable with their expectations. We encourage our clients to write a review so the others can benefit from previous experiences.

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