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  1. From my silky dark hair to my slender and athletic body, I am very joyful, entertaining and a lot of fun to be with. Every inch of me is sheathed by velvety skin, which sure will pound your heart and scintillate your senses. I have a friendly and outgoing personality, my interests are wide-ranging and I am always eager to learn more. I am able to put your mind at ease with a few words. I love animals and want to make the world a better place. Watch me lighting your heart on fire with my adorable laugh. Physically I am a great sport in every way ;-) Check out my beautiful freckles and be ready for a great time. Invite me to a concert, beach party or simply a night out and I will outshine everybody wih my unique green eyes. I am another jewel within the Amorette collection and I cant wait to finally meet you.
  2. A real heartbreaker I am Gabrielle. A sinfully seductive lady with the most captivating smile. I am an awesome pleaser with an attentive attitude although alluringly young and amazingly elegant. Besides that, I am very open-minded, cheerful and love adrenaline type sports. I am aiming for a higher education and working on my next degree. I love meeting new people and my obsession is traveling and visiting new places and cultures. I also enjoy a dinner for two, theatre or ballet. I know, how to read your wishes from your eyes, how to tease and please you and I will enjoy myself doing so. If you are a fan of completely natural brunettes, I will be your dream woman.
  3. The sweet escape I am Elsa, a typical dutch student and model. I love my bike ;-) and enjoy traveling the world. People always say I am to good to be true and that they could get lost in my beautiful blue eyes. It is flattering to hear, but I am always trying to be the best version of myself. I love to give and enjoy being pampered. You want to discover more? Let us be adventurous and travel the world! I would love to meet you and see where life takes us. Everything is possible.
  4. She's so fine I am Gigi and I am active, independent, funny and down to earth. I am very fortunate to find myself in the company of really good role models early in life, so my work ethic, business acumen and determination drive me each and every day. To express myself, I love dancing, giggling and smiling alot. I feel very comfortable with myself and my body. Thats why I became a student for sports management and you can tell by my body, it is clearly working. I am also a big fan of tattoo art and I love my dog. I am very passionate about travel, fashion, food and more travel. However my best asset is my sense of humour and down-to-earth-nature, which makes me approachable and easy to relate to. I am looking very much forward to meet you, when you also love hot blondes with artistic tattoos as well as a great time.
  5. A real sweetheart I am Chiara and I am a real "sweet heart". My friends always tell me that I am extremely bright and driven by desire. Due to daily workouts my body is perfectly in shape and I am a real fresh faced beauty with high cheek bones and bright eyes. I am single and still looking for a handsome gentleman I can learn from and look up to. As a modern uptown girl, I love the uncomplicated affair and understand perfectly the fun of meeting new people. I am sure, you will love my bubbly personality! Let us meet up and make your nights a little naughtier ;-) I am available in Hamburg, Berlin, Hanover, Cologne, Dusseldorf, Frankfurt, Stuttgart, Nurnberg, Munich, Europe and worldwide except France. I am an official registred escort lady according to the new german prostitution law.
  6. I am Candice. I am like a purring cat, full of joy, spontaneous, playful and fun to be with. I have an intense and deep personality. I am also living a very sporty lifestyle and I am looking forward to any kind of adventures. This is NO joke, I am always up for a challenge. In public I am the perfect lady, the typical czech supermodel type, your running partner, biking pal, kite surfing darling or simply your beach babe. You are in good hands no matter what. Lets explore the world together and make new memories. I am available for any booking in Prague, Europe and worldwide except Germany and France.
  7. Live in your world & Play in ours ... is our maxim for a long time and it describes our way of business perfectly. Amorette International is a leading high class agency and a key player on the international scale already since 2006. Many of our beautiful models are well known STARS among the international escort elite. Amorette's service is especially tailored to connect beautiful models with high class clients. At Amorette International you will find high level international company for business appointments, exhibitions and journeys, for just one night, your dream vacation or only a few hours. Our models are breathtakingly beautiful, young, fun to be with and passionate about this hobby. We take extremely good care in a friendly and quite private manner. Exclusive international matchmaking on the highest level.
  8. Um das Ganze aufzuklären. Alle unsere in Deutschland gelisteten und registrierten Damen sind auch weiterhin sowohl in Deutschland als auch weltweit buchbar. Alle im Ausland lebenden Damen (und somit nicht in Deutschland registriert) haben sich entschieden, keine Termine in Deutschland mehr anzunehmen und konzentrieren sich auf den Rest der Welt ;-) Bei Fragen stehe ich jederzeit gerne mit Rat und Tat zur Seite. Liebe Grüße Andrea Amorette International
  9. Adriana's Bilder machen Lust auf Meer ;-) In diesem Sinne wünschen wir allen einen entspannten Freitag und ein sommerliches Wochenende. xoxo Andrea
  10. Amorette

    Amorette - Kylie

    Sie war gerade 2 Wochen da und ist ab sofort wieder in Deutschland buchbar.
  11. Liebe Katrina, absolut treffend formuliert. Ich sehe das genauso! xoxo Andrea Amorette International
  12. Guten Morgen Daniel, wir können dir unsere Grace oder Faye sehr empfehlen: http://www.amorette-international.com/html/grace/grace.html http://www.amorette-international.com/html/faye/faye.html Liebe Grüße Andrea Amorette International
  13. Die Brüste von Sophia sind tatsächlich 100% Natur. Unglaublich aber wahr! Alina hat vollkommen Recht, warum sollten wir hier falsche Angaben machen. Ich verbürge mich persönlich für die Echtheit ;-)
  14. Danke Lukas! Es wäre allerdings hilfreicher gewesen, mir direkt Bescheid zu geben, denn ich wußte davon nichts. Bei mir hat sie vor dem Shooting einen Exclusiv Vertrag unterschrieben.
  15. Da hast du vollkommen Recht. Wir kritisieren nicht den Look der Seite. Den finde ich persönlich sogar sehr ansprechend, sondern das Verhalten. Das ist ganz und gar nicht High Class. xoxo Andrea

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